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  1. In a busy work day where I feel like I’m stretched thin between so many people and tasks, the Mindfulness Drop-In class helps me to slow down, regroup and touch base with myself. I found the sessions to be accessible and grounding. I felt like I was in my own space even though I was in a room with four or five others.

    Annisa Dharma, Copywriter

  2. After initially experiencing a two hour Mindfulness Workshop put on by The Mind Room at a business retreat I was keen to explore the advantages of introducing Mindfulness into our workplace to improve the quality of our work/life. As a result we developed a six session program to introduce Mindfulness into our Creative Agency. The sessions and ensuing skills and experiences gained individually and collectively have led to a much cherished and valued ongoing program that has been adopted by the staff. The result is both a positive element of our culture program, and a critical pressure valve for the day-to-day stress of our industry.

    David Ansett, Brand Strategist and Founder of Truly Deeply

  3. Fantastic insight and teaching of meditative practices combined with a friendly and welcoming environment.

    Emil Ware, Attendee of Mindfulness Drop-in Class

  4. Really valuable class, even if you've done a bit of ACT work already. Danica is a great facilitator and the Mind Room workshop space is wonderful! If this stuff was taught in primary school it would prevent a lot of suffering. 10/10 would recommend for anyone wanting to level up their self compassion game.

    Kelly Watts, Attendee of Self-Compassion Workshop

  5. I found the series of workshops very practical and easy to follow. The tips and exercises we went through were straight forward to replicate and I found the impact very beneficial to my stress levels at work. I think this program should be a part of every workplace.

    Gemma Dittmar, Client Service Director at Truly Deeply