Know, love and grow your mind in one of our workshops, special events and courses.

Learn practical, science-backed skills to transform the way you work, live and play. Drawing on wellbeing science, performance psychology, ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy) and mindfulness, our workshops are designed and delivered by our highly qualified and experienced psychologists.

Join us face to face or in our virtual classroom for our: Life Skills, Special Events, Professional or Sport programs.

Life Skills

Practical workshops to help you know, love and grow your mind.

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Know Your Destination

Feeling lost? In need of a little direction? Without an in-built GPS to tell us which way to go, life can feel like it is full of perplexing decisions. In this half-day workshop, we will explore the latest evidence-based psychology and practical ideas on values, meaning and purpose and learn how to apply them in our lives.

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Navigating Change

Drawing on the best evidence-based psychology to help you navigate significant life changes. Whether you’ve lost a job, are reinventing your career, beginning or ending a relationship, becoming a parent, retiring or relocating, this workshop will give you the tools to change with compassion, acceptance and meaning.

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Feeling It

This workshop is a journey through the emotional life of humans. By exploring the role and learning to identify our emotions, we can begin to discover and change how they impact our thoughts, choices and actions. We will leave with practical strategies to notice, shift and shape our emotions, so we can get back in the driving seat of our emotional life.

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Love and Connection

In this half-day workshop, we learn the psychological skills to improve our sense of connection – to self, friends, lovers or our community. We explore the psychology of love, how to be present in and grow our relationships, and how to unhook from the thoughts and emotions that disrupt connection.

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Made to Thrive: Urban Retreat

This two-day course draws on the best evidence-based psychology and practical wisdom to help us thrive in the modern world. Join a group of like-minded individuals as we explore how to shift our relationship with our mind and harness its potential to create a purposeful and connected life.

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Special Events

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Inner Life Drawing

What does your inner world look like? Join illustrator and artist Oslo Davis and Clinical Psychologist Dr Jarrod White for this unique event combining guided meditation and observational drawing.

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Making Decisions that Feel Great

Can making values-based decisions change your life for the better? Jacinta Parsons and Greta Bradman think so. Stories, tips and insights into how to make decisions that support a fulfilling and healthy life.

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The Unsaid: Alone, Together.

This event is designed to spark new and brave conversations on topics that matter. It is a place where you have permission to speak, and we encourage you to go beyond small talk with other curious participants.

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Skills and strategies for thriving, resilient workplaces.

Our professional workshops are tailored to the needs of your team or organisation and can be booked individually or as a series. Contact our Business Team today at business@themindroom.com.au to discuss your needs.

Urban Mindfulness

Ready to be the master of your mind? Combining aspects of attention and attitude, mindfulness provides a view into our internal world of thoughts and emotions and how this drives our behaviour.  Uncover the habits of your mind to drive your wellbeing and performance in life.

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What Matters Most

Unleashing your unique set of personal values can be a source of motivation that can guide problem solving and lead to better decision-making. This workshop will help you to clarify what you stand for in life, to set meaningful life goals and understand how this impacts your purpose and performance.

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Wellbeing Workout

What is the mental health equivalent of eating your veggies or going to the gym? Discover five daily behaviours that contribute to psychological wellbeing, resilience and stress management.

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Harness the power of your mind to achieve peak performance.

Our dedicated sport psychology team work with athletes, coaches and support staff to help them perform at their best. We work across the spectrum of sport in Australia from Cricket, AFL and A-League to Roller Derby, Skiing and eSports. Join one of our public workshops or contact our Business Team today to discuss your needs.

High Performer Mental Skills

What do high performing athletes do differently? High Performer Mental Skills teaches three core psychological skills athletes use to get the most out of themselves: goal-getting, controllables and routines.

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Performance Mindset

Train your mind to perform at your best. In this workshop you will learn mindset skills that will set you up for success in your sport even in uncertain times.

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Mindful Athlete

This workshop helps you understand how to harness your attention to help you train and perform to your potential. Mindfulness is a skill that can be developed through regular practice. It’s like building a mental muscle.

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Mental Conditioning Program

Looking to elevate your performance? This six-week course draws on the best evidence-based psychology and insights from the world’s top performers to prepare you to reach and sustain your sporting performance potential.

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