Spring can often feel like a season of change. With summer around the corner, the air starts to smell sweeter, and people begin to emerge from their winter cocoons to embrace the sunshine and later nights. Although some of these changes are wonderful, some can be less exciting or even daunting.

Fortunately there are ways to navigate these changes so that you can not only survive them, but emerge clearer and stronger than before.

1. Let go of the old

A key part of embracing change in any season is letting go of the past. Whether that is an old job, a previous relationship or the colder months, it is crucial to find a way to start to let go of this in order to make space for possibilities and potential in the future.

Letting go of the old is often easier said than done, so how do you move past the past?

2. Sit with uncertainty

Sitting with uncertainty is not about wallowing, stewing or fretting. Instead, it’s about calmly letting yourself feel comfortable with the possibility that you may not know how things will turn out.

A way to do this could be to ‘observe’ your thoughts as just that – thoughts – without attaching meaning or significance to them. If we observe them floating in and out of attention it can help to ease the stress and anxiety that can come with feelings of uncertainty.

3. Clarify your values

Another way to navigate change is to clarify or reaffirm your values and strengths in order to approach and consolidate transitions with meaning and purpose.

Psychologist Dr Melissa Marot at The Mind Room explained that once we’ve identified what is important to us, we can “use our values to help shape what this new chapter  will look like.”

Whether the change is big or small, good or bad, easy or hard, the way you approach it can make a significant difference to its outcome.

So this spring when you’re met with life change or transitions, check back in with these three steps, or pop into The Mind Room and join us for our Life Transitions workshop.

Join us for our Life Transitions One Day Workshop this Saturday 21st October 10am-4pm with Dr Melissa Marot. In this workshop, you’ll explore the nature of transition and change, learn to successfully navigate through life transitions and understand and manage your own psychology behind transitions.

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