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We have a sport psychology team with a focus on performance, wellbeing, leadership and mental health in the sport industry.

Michael Inglis is an endorsed and accredited Sport, Performance and Exercise Psychologist working in the mental health field since 1999. Michael has worked with a range of high performance teams, including Melbourne Rebels, North Melbourne Football Club and Holden Cycling. He works with teams and individual athletes, coaches and support staff to build and enhance performance, wellbeing and leadership. He developed and facilitates our sport performance workshops at The Mind Room.

Jo Mitchell has been in the sport and performance industry for over 25 years and has worked with AFL Players Association, British Olympics, UK Sports, South Australian Sports Institute and Tasmania Coaching Centre. She has training and an interest in Athlete Transition counselling, including retirement and mental health issues. She currently works with a range individual athletes from cycling, athletics, hockey and orienteering; as well as performers from the music and performing arts industries.

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A selection of our workshops are especially created with sport & performance in mind. In a professional and friendly environment, we focus on building resilience, as well as harnessing your mind and body’s potential for peak performance. Suitable for individuals and teams. We can deliver workshops at your venue or at our Collingwood studio.

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Performance psychology

These individual sessions are designed for people wanting to enhance their performance and /or wellbeing. We work with individuals with a focus on sport, such as athletes, coaches or training staff.

These sessions are not intended for anyone with current mental health issues (see mental health in sport), so Medicare rebates do not apply. Sessions can be paid for individually or as a package (e.g. for employees).

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Mental health in sport & performance

These individual or couple psychology sessions are designed for the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of people with mental health issues (e.g., depression, anxiety, excessive stress or worry) as a result of a mental illness or due to life events (e.g., bereavement, relationship breakdown, job loss, accident, injury, trauma, relocation or retirement).
Referral is usually via your doctor (GP) or psychiatrist but you can also self-refer. Medicare rebates apply if you doctor refers you on a mental health care plan. Private health rebates may apply – check with your health care fund.

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The Mind Rooms offers psychological profiling of players and staff. Profiling equips the management or leadership team with information on the individual’s strengths, helps to understand how to best manage them, what kind of team environment they would thrive in and what characteristics they are going to bring to the team or organisation.
This profiling includes Assessment of:
  • Personality –  Highlights character strengths of the individual relevant to team or individual sport
  • Emotional Intelligence – Measures awareness of emotions and responses, how one adapts or adjusts, and how one responds to stressors and other people
  • Values and Motivational Inventory – To understand what is important to each individual and what drives them
  • Cognitive Processing  – How quickly individuals will be able to understand, process and utilise new information

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Strategy and Advice

The Mind Room team can help you develop, implement and assess tailored, sustainable wellbeing and mental health frameworks, programs and services in your sporting team or organisation. We have expertise in:

  • Strategy, framework and service design
  • Research and program evaluation
  • Health and wellbeing assessment
  • Health, wellbeing & performance service delivery

Just talk to us about your ideas or tell us what you need and we can talk to you about the possibilities.

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Athlete Scholarship

The Mind Room’s Athlete Scholarship program is for athletes who understand the value of improving their mental performance skills, both on and off-field. We award one scholarship per year to an athlete who is serious about their athletic goals and support them with their health, wellbeing and performance over a 12 month period.

2019 Athlete Scholarship recipient:

Catriona Bisset @catrionabisset

Catriona is an 800m athlete and architect in training at The University of Melbourne.

2018 Athlete Scholarship recipients:

Jess Malouf @jessmalouf

Jess is with the Williamstown Football Club and a boxer with Gerry Murphy Boxing.

Shannon Malseed @shannonmalseed

Shannon is a the current Australian Road Champion and selected in the Australian Commonwealth Games team.

How to Apply

Applications for the 2020 scholarship are now open.

Find the full details here.

Wellbeing and Performance Partnerships

At The Mind Room, we are committed to supporting athletes, coaches, clubs and organisations to enhance wellbeing and enable peak performance. Our qualified and experienced sports and performance psychologists can support your athletes, coaches and staff members with:

  • Individual consultations
  • Mental health, wellbeing and performance workshops and courses
  • Consulting services
Establishing a Wellbeing and Performance Partnership with us can enable your team, club or organisation to access discounted partner rates on our wellbeing and performance workshops and services.

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