Get to know your mind. It’s amazing.

A successful organisation understands that the mental health of its employees is just as important as their physical wellbeing. Providing accessible mental health support to your staff has proven to be not only financially beneficial to the company, but also improves company health, morale and loyalty.

The Mind Room provides EAP packages, which enable your staff to seek confidential and professional support when they need it. These personalised sessions can cover a range of health, wellbeing and performance issues:

  • Stress, burnout and mental illness
  • Wellbeing, meaning, purpose, values, motivation, confidence
  • Adjustment to change and work or life transitions
  • Coaching for leadership or performance

What is an Employee Assistance Program (EAP)?

An Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is an organisation-funded program offering completely confidential access to our highly skilled team of psychologists. We offer a modern, welcoming and boutique EAP service enabling organisations to support the mental health, wellbeing and performance of their people. Talk to us today about our pre-paid and pay-as-you-go services designed to support all types of businesses.

Therapy & Coaching

Our experienced team of 16+ registered psychologists provide individual therapy and coaching support for your staff. Whether you want therapy for anxiety or depression, wellbeing coaching to manage stress or rediscover your mojo, or performance coaching to maximise your potential, we have you covered.

Secondary Consultation

We provide support to your management or leadership team as they negotiate mental health, wellbeing or performance issues in the workplace. Sometimes it helps to have a sounding board as you navigate these issues and create a healthy, happy and high performing team. These sessions can be booked in 25 minute blocks for greater flexibility.

Flexible Service

We provide on site services from our Collingwood practice or online consultations. The number of sessions available to your staff for therapy, coaching or secondary consultation purposes can be customised to suit your organisation. You can also pre-purchase a bulk number of sessions to be used over time at a reduced price.

Virtual Delivery

Our team are trained and experienced in providing virtual consultations, and therefore can service your staff anywhere in Australia (and offshore employees upon request). We use a dedicated and secure telehealth platform Coviu and can provide video or phone (audio only) based consultations.

What We Offer

• A modern, welcoming, boutique service
• Access to our 16+ expert clinicians
• Every client is personally matched with the most suitable clinician
• Confidential, de-identified client data
• Pay as you go, invoiced monthly
• No up-front fees
• Set your individual or organisational limit
• Discounts for pre-paid packages
• Therapy for mental health, stress & burnout
• Coaching for wellbeing and performance
• Onsite and telehealth (video or audio) delivery.

Learn More

If you would like to know more about The Mind Room’s EAP service or to book a meeting with our Business Team, please complete the form below.