Thriving minds are good for business.

Organisations seeking meaningful and sustainable success prioritise people. They understand employee mental health is just as important as physical health. They put people first knowing that employee wellbeing directly impacts organisational wellbeing, culture and performance.

At The Mind Room we care deeply about people, we understand minds and human behaviour and geek out on workplace psychology. We can support your people to know, love and grow their mind, so they thrive in work and life.

How do we do this? We provide an EAP service that gives your employees priority access to confidential and professional psychological support for mental health and fitness (yes, we help grow fit minds). Our boutique, tailored and quality service matches your employees with the right psychologist for their needs. EAP sessions cover a range of health, wellbeing and performance issues and opportunities we experience at work and in life:

  • Stress and mental illness (eg, burnout, depression, anxiety, complex grief)
  • Adjustment to change and transitions (e.g., redundancy, promotion, organisation change, parenthood, relationship changes)
  • Building psychological skills (e.g., resilience, problem solving, connection, creativity, focus and attention)
  • Shifting from surviving to thriving (eg meaning, purpose, values, motivation, connection, performance and confidence)

Who accesses EAP?

Anyone. In fact, we encourage everyone. Who couldn’t benefit from understanding how their mind impacts their emotions and behaviour? We are the sole owners and drivers of a sophisticated piece of equipment (our minds) that many of only use to drive around the block. Typically we only take it in for a service when it fails to start, the road gets bumpy or someone crashes into us (yep, we are really laboring this metaphor). 

Your mind can do so much more than that. So whether you want to learn how to get out of the passenger seat, drive it better, prepare it for a challenge or off-road adventure, or do some repairs – our mind mechanics (aka psychologists) have got you covered. (please note, we are not covered by your car insurance, but do accept medicare).


Signing Up for EAP with The Mind Room
An Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is an organisation-funded program offering completely confidential access to our skilled team of psychologists. We work with you to create an EAP Services Agreement that is tailored to your organisation. This agreement covers how many sessions you are offering staff, whether the service extends to partners and family, invoicing and de-identified reporting. We’ll also discuss pre and post-paid service options depending on your needs.

Booking an Appointment
Your employee contacts The Mind Room directly by email ([email protected]) or phone, or can make a new booking enquiry via our website. Our friendly front of house team will ask them which organisation they are from and then they will be matched with the best clinician for their needs through our intake service. The service is completely confidential, so the employees name and details will never be shared back to your organisation.

Locations and Virtual Telehealth
We provide face to face consultations at our HQ in Collingwood, Melbourne and with clinicians in Sydney, Brisbane and Perth. We also provide virtual telehealth Australia-wide and to support your employees working internationally. The Mind Room’s EAP service is suitable for organisations up to 1,000 staff.

Matching with a Clinician
We have a dedicated intake team who will personally match each client with the best suited psychologist, based on the client’s needs and availability. We talk with each incoming client in detail to ensure we find the best match, first time. 

Expected Timeframes

Our intake and front of house team work hard to respond to all new enquiries on the same day, and no longer than 48 hours depending on when the initial enquiry is made. We prioritise our EAP clients, offering new  clients an appointment within a week of their initial intake call. If a client has particular needs or wants to see a specific clinician, the wait time will depend on the availability of that clinician. 

Invoicing and Reporting
For post-paid services, we send monthly invoices for the sessions used that month. We also send quarterly reports to all organisations showing the service usage that quarter. All invoicing and reporting is de-identified and you are welcome to discuss usage with our Business Team at any point.


Depending on your needs and how many sessions you might use annually, you can select from a pre-paid or post-paid service. With both options, you only ever pay for what you use – we don’t charge any overhead fees or annual costs on top. We can also create a dedicated package combining wellbeing programming for your organisation, just ask our friendly Business Team.

Pre-Paid Service
We recommend pre-purchasing enough sessions to cover six (6) months of usage by your organisation. Most organisations like to budget on a 10% uptake of the service each year, so if you have 100 employees, budget for 10 of them using it per financial year.

Post-Paid Service
This is a great option if you’ve never had an EAP service before or are unsure of how many employees might use it. We simply invoice you at the end of each month for all sessions used in that month. After a few months, you will be able to get a feel for how many sessions your organisation is using and we can switch you to a pre-paid service at any point.

Psychology Session
(50 minute consultation)
$200 + GST$220 + GST$240 + GST

Learn More

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