Know, love and grow your mind in one of our workshops or classes. They’re science-backed, practical and engaging.

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Science-backed, practical and engaging workshops to help Know. Love. Grow. Your Mind. Join us for one of our workshops and get to know your mind, how it works and how to grow with it – for a happier more meaning life.

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Mindfulness Drop-in Class

Want to learn or practice your mindfulness skills? In this class we do mindfulness through meditation and everyday activities. Types of things we will cover include meditation with a focus on either breath, body, emotions, compassion or connection.

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Understanding Emotions

This half-day workshop is a journey through the emotional life of humans. By exploring the role and learning to identify our emotions, we can begin to discover and change how they impact our thoughts, choices and actions in life. We will leave with practical strategies to notice, shift and shape our emotions, so that we can get back in the driving seat of our emotional life.

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Love and Connection

In this half-day workshop, we will learn the psychological skills to improve our relationships. We explore the psychology of human connection, how to be present in and grow our relationships, how to unhook from the thoughts and emotions that disrupt connection and practical ideas to build a sense of community.

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Navigating Change

This half-day workshop draws on the best evidence-based psychology to help you navigate significant life changes. Whether you have lost a job, are reinventing your career, beginning or ending a relationship, becoming a parent, retiring or relocating, this workshop will give you the tools to change with compassion, acceptance and meaning.

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Made to Thrive: Urban Retreat

This two-day course draws on the best evidence-based psychology and practical wisdom to help us thrive in the modern world. Join a group of like-minded individuals as we explore how to shift our relationship with our mind and harness its potential to create a purposeful and connected life.

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