Responding to change and transition with resilience.

Whether it is expected or unexpected, wanted or unwanted, change can create emotional upheaval and disruption. While we can’t avoid change, we can learn to navigate this transition with greater ease and even start to see the possibilities it can open up.

This workshop introduces an evidence-based model of change and transition with a focus on values, resilience and mindful acceptance. Learn practical strategies to navigate change and emerge resilient and able to capitalise on the opportunities it can provide for you and your workplace.

What you will learn

  • The nature of change and stages of transition
  • How to sit with uncertainty and discomfort
  • A values-based and purpose driven approach to change.

The Mind Room Professional

We believe that workplaces play a critical role in helping people to live healthy, meaningful and fulfilling lives. It is now more important than ever that organisations equip their leaders and employees with the mental skills to maintain wellbeing and to be adaptable, resilient and compassionate in the face of life’s challenges. A healthy, engaged and high performing workforce is essential for businesses to thrive.

This workshop is part of our Professional series, designed to support organisations and teams. Workshops in this series include Surviving to Thriving, Change, Transition and Resilience, and Living Your Values. They can be booked individually or as a series, to help you create healthy, thriving environments for employees and leaders.


Virtual:  90 minutes via Zoom for up to 12 people.

*Please note our virtual workshops are live and cannot be recorded.


Workshop delivered live via Zoom – $1,500 + GST


The workshop price includes a 15-minute pre-workshop briefing with your facilitator to ensure the session is tailored to your needs. Workshop participants also receive supporting materials and resources for further exploration beyond the training experience. 

Interested to hear more?

Contact our friendly business team at business@themindroom.com.au.

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