A Little Urban Peace

Looking for a little urban peace? Here are a few of our favourite Melbourne city locations that are perfect for some mindful reflection. What they all have in common is a connection with nature. A number of research studies have suggested that a connection to nature brings a range of personal and social wellbeing benefits, via feelings of awe, vitality and mindfulness.

The Accidental Learning

Sometimes what you seek isn't always what you find, or the other way round. A few months ago, triggered by a relationship break-up, as clichéd as it may sound, I quite impulsively signed up for a 200-hours yoga teacher training in Bali. What I hoped to gain from it was discipline, a deeper immersion in yoga, but most importantly, distraction from grief. What I actually got from it was all of that and so much more.

Something 4 Kate #Do4Hope

It is done. After a bit of angst, I have finally given away my first (of 12) Band4Hope copper bracelets. There were a few contenders during the month of January, and slipping into February, but finally I crossed paths with Kate and the deal was done.

Lost your mojo? #Do4Hope

The Christmas break was over, summer was in full swing, and work was firing up, but I wasn’t. Nothing terrible was wrong – I wasn’t unwell, there were no family crisis, no excessive work demands – but something wasn’t right.

A-wake to mortality

When the world heard about the death of Phillip Hughes from a freak cricket accident, something remarkable happened. There was an outpouring of grief, compassion and care, not just in his hometown, but around the world.