Dear TMR friends, 

You know that feeling when you create something you are proud of – a cake, a baby, a homebrew beer – and can’t wait to share it with the world? That’s how we are feeling right now. After 8 years at our Glasshouse Road premises we have found ourselves a new home just around the corner in Wellington Street, Collingwood. 

The vision we have for psychology is to make it engaging, accessible and hell…inspiring, for as many people as possible. Just because we take your health seriously doesn’t mean we have to be staid or boring. We know that our new home will help inspire you (and us) as we grow into the decade ahead.

A couple of new home highlights…

  • Space. Our new space is welcoming, well lit, soundproof, creative and has unique spaces to wait, chat, explore and connect. It’s also flexible, with custom-designed environments for one-on-one consulting, spaces to host large groups and collaborative work areas for our clinicians and staff.
  • Art. We have built in space for lots and lots of art in various forms – murals on the warehouse walls, a gallery for curated exhibitions and unique new events like “inner life drawing”.
  • Technology. A dedicated “lab” to explore new technology such as virtual reality applications in psychology.
  • Move. Sport equipment integrated into selected consulting rooms, to support our athletic and/or anxious clients master both their mind and body.
  • Community. Whether you’re a client, friend, visiting the space for an event, a clinician or a staff member, bringing people together has been front of mind when designing our new home.

One thing that will not change is the warm welcome you are used to receiving when you walk in our front door, nor the compassionate and professional care from our team of psychologists. 

Ultimately, we are here to support our community to know, love and grow their minds so we can all connect and thrive. Our big hope is that our new home makes that journey a little easier.

We will keep you posted on the practicalities around the move and hope to see you there from March 2021.

Jo, Michael and The Mind Room Team

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