“I feel so helpless”, “How can I focus on work/life when this is going on?”, “What’s the point of doing anything if the world is burning and we’re all doomed?”

Sound familiar?

You could be experiencing Eco-Anxiety. With bushfires ravaging Australia and a sense of inaction globally, it can creep up on you and leave you feeling hopeless or paralysed. As climate change escalates, so does our need to find ways to cope, keep moving forward and living, maintain psychological wellbeing and connect with others. It is OK to keep going.

In this fundraiser event, I Am That – Yoga and The Mind Room have partnered up to bring you an evening of community, psychological expertise and practical tools, mindfulness and connection. Let us come together and discover meaningful ways to care for ourselves and each other so that we can continue building a values-based society that respects the connection between humans and our environment.

The event begins with a conversation on how to recognise and manage eco-anxiety, facilitated by Dr Jarrod White (Clinical Psychologist, The Mind Room). We will explore the emotional connection between humans and our environment, why our responses to the climate crisis can be so varied, and how we can move from eco-anxiety to committed, values-based action as individuals and a community. After the workshop join us for an optional, 60-minute trauma-informed Yin Class facilitated by Isabelle Stoner (Senior Yoga Teacher, I Am That – Yoga). 

Through mindful conversation and movement we aim to inspire hopeful action while raising funds for bushfire-affected communities.

Join us on the 25th Feb 2020, from 6.45 pm


$30 for Eco-Anxiety Workshop only
$50 for Workshop AND Yin Class

This collaborative fundraiser event by I Am That – Yoga and The Mind Room is part of the National Sustainable Living Festival with 100% of proceeds going to BlazeAid, a volunteer-based organisation that works with families and individuals in rural Australia after natural disasters.

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