Designed to equip Australia’s elite players with the necessary skills to excel on and off the pitch, the Professional Footballers Australia (PFA) Induction Camp provided players access to educational workshops and introduced incoming players to the sport’s mission and values.

Attended by A-League, W-League and Y-League players, The Mind Room’s Michael Inglis delivered morning half-hour meditations, along with a Growth Mindset and Self-Compassion workshop to attendees.

With one in five professional footballers reportedly experiencing a mental health problem at a level that warranted treatment, Michael Inglis stated:

“Elite sport culture places heavy training demands and a constant drive to improve performance, which only serve to heighten the risk of not speaking up about mental health.

And whilst there is not always a direct relationship between mental health and performance, they often overlap. This fight for perfectionism, gaining feedback on how to improve and feelings of not being good enough, affects esteem and therefore mental health.

When performances begin to deteriorate, it can accentuate mental health struggles further, thus beginning a vicious cycle.”

The third edition of the Induction Camp saw the event significantly enhanced to ensure players at all stages of their professional footballing journey were catered for. Aimed at helping players excel on the pitch and thrive off it, players in the first years of their career undertook content designed to help them successfully navigate the world of professional football and gain a deeper understanding of their industry.

Taking a holistic and individual approach, the program is committed to ensuring that PFA members can achieve excellence in all aspects of their lives and have the necessary support to assist in times of need.

About the PFA

Professional Footballers Australia is the exclusive collective voice of Australia’s professional footballers. The PFA was established in 1993 with two key objectives: to support the players and build the game. They are committed to providing players with world class collective bargaining agreements, player development and wellbeing programs, and legal
representation and advice.

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