Due to popular demand we are starting to sell a couple of our wellbeing product range online. Why not buy your own values card deck so you can check in on your core values and make sure your life is heading in the right direction.

Or perhaps you or someone you know would like a wellbeing check-up? We have teamed up with Work on Wellbeing (WoW) – a wellbeing assessment company – to create My Wellbeing Check, an online survey and report, with a de-brief session with a psychologist. Find out how your happiness levels are, what domains of life matter most to you, and how your wellbeing at work is faring.


Values Card Deck:

Includes a box of 44 values cards and card sort instructions.

My Wellbeing Check:

Includes a WoW survey (15-20 mins), WoW report and a 30 minute de-brief with one of our psychology team at our Collingwood office or via video or telephone call.

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