Greta here from The Mind Room.

Here’s a recap on today’s breathing exercise on The Mind Room Community Wellbeing Session.

I showed you the version that works for most folks – you can change the counts if you like. If you do change the counts, try to make the breaths slower than your usual breathing, but not so slow that you feel you’re running out of air.


  • Gradually breathe in through your nose (over 6 seconds)
  • Pause with air in your lungs (count 4 seconds)
  • Gradually breathe out through your mouth (over 8 seconds)
  • Pause (4 seconds)
  • Repeat 5x (or more)

Sometimes I’ll just take 6 breaths like this. Other times I’ll do the exercise on and off for a half hour or more, to help me stay centred and to dampen the fight and flight response.

Remember the importance of breathing out: avoid “banking” old air in the bottom of your lungs.

Keep bringing your attention back to your breath.

Practice makes perfect!


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