It seems everywhere we turn we’re bombarded with the message that our smartphones are making us dumb. Whether it’s that they take us away from real life social interactions or leading us into a life of comparison to our online peers, the message pretty consistently feels like they’re worsening our mental health.

Clinical Psychologist and co-founder of The Mind Room Dr Jo Mitchell is talking about the current thinking in this space at an upcoming free public talk for National Psychology Week. In this talk, she’ll be showcasing some examples of when digital technology has been created with the intention to cultivate wellbeing and resilience.

An example of this has been her involvement as a project leader for a Movember Foundation funded and AFL player led wellbeing and resilience digital project called MindMax.

To learn more about this and other technological advances aimed at improving our health and wellbeing, register for Dr Jo’s free public talk on Monday 13th November from 6-8pm at the University of Melbourne.

Written by The Mind Room

We are a team of writers who contribute to The Mind Room content.

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