At a time when every store you pass screams ‘CHRISTMAS CHEER SOLD HERE’, cutting through the clutter to find the perfect gift can feel next to impossible.

Here are just a few of our suggestions for the perfect gifts that are guaranteed to bring a little Christmas joy this year.


This beautiful wristband also has a beautiful meaning behind it. Band4hope wristbands are ethically handmade in Africa and are trackable through a unique ID that is imprinted on each one.The company encourages people to share the bands around in the hope of promoting acts of kindness and encouraging those receiving it to raise money for charity. Proceeds from the sale of the bands themselves go toward donations for a charity that you elect yourself when you purchase it.



Slow Stitch Class

A good opportunity to practice your mindfulness, this class teaches you to stitch more and think less.This class is run by Art Therapist and felting teacher Robyn Steel-Stickland and is the perfect present for those with a crafty nature, or those that want to slow down and stitch.

Bibliotherapy session

For those wishing to reconnect with reading or merely explore a new and different direction for their book choices, bibliotherapy may be the ideal present. In a tailor-made consultation with bibliotherapists, you are provided with a compelling and exciting list of books to devour that are promised to excite, intrigue and inspire.The one hour session is run by a passionate book-lover in the School of Life Melbourne Café.

Life Transitions Class

A new year can bring many exciting opportunities, but these opportunities can often come with a degree of uncertainty and challenges.The Mind Room’s Life Transition class offers participants the opportunity to learn how to sit with uncertainty and face the changes and challenges we experience in our day-to-day lives.
Life Transitions

Dumbo Feather magazine subscription

This beautiful magazine features five conversations with extraordinary people in every issue. Each profile is unique, but no matter the page you flick to in this quarterly magazine, you are guaranteed to feel deeply interested, inspired, and engrossed in the stories of each passionate individual featured.
Dumbo Feather
Good luck, we hope you have a very merry and mindful Christmas!

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