This week is mental health week, a week designed to raise community awareness of mental health issues and promote ways to enhance wellbeing.

Being an adult in 2016 brings about many challenges and stressors. It’s a constant juggling act between ticking off the “to do” list, working hard, keeping up with emails, paying bills, managing social lives and keeping fit and healthy in between. With so much going on its no wonder the prevalence of mental ill health is on the rise.

So how do we look after our mental health? What’s the difference between those who can juggle and those who can’t?

To answer these questions we’ve spoken with the mind room team, a group of experts in the field of positive psychology and wellbeing to get a few tips on what they do to maintain good mental health.

Amy Kirkwood: Get in early. If you feel like things are a bit off, go and have a chat to someone. Sometimes just having a conversation is all you need to get back on track.

Ruth Nguyen: Eat nutritious fresh foods, one of my favourite snack foods is raw broccolini with hummus.

Thea Bridgman: Self-care – taking the time to do things that make you happy and relaxed.

Elke Braithwaite: Dance (if you can). I can’t so I run.

Marina Mateos: Take the time to exercise regularly and escape to nature when you can.

Lucinda Poole: Give your mind a break by practicing mindfulness. Set aside some time each day to just be present.

Dr Sarah Russo:  Connect with others – develop and maintain strong relationships with people who support you and enrich your life.

Dr Adrienne Brown: Commit to taking the time to notice your breath at least 5 times a day. Breathing softly and deeply, expanding the sides of the ribcage, provides a sense of grounding and enables a few moments of rest.

Danica Hade: Strive for balance – make time for work, family, friends and time for yourself.

Dr Jo Mitchell: Connect: go chat or hang out with friends and family as often as you can

Michael Inglis: Always have something to look forward to:

  1. Short: go to your favourite lunch place
  2. Medium: do an outdoor activity on weekend
  3. Long: plan an overseas trip

Dr Melissa Marot: Find a fun class to go to – in something you’ve always wanted to do but never got around to… Art, craft, exercise, nature, gardening…

Emily Bird: Approach your surroundings with curiosity and follow what inspires you.

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