It can be something as simple as seeing hot air balloons floating gently across the Melbourne skyline, hearing my current favourite song playing on the radio as soon as I get in the car, or having a warm conversation with the barista while waiting for my morning coffee.  

All these things can add an unexpected boost of positivity to my morning.   These small, seemingly trivial things can be so easy to dismiss or ignore in favour of planning and prepping for a busy day.  But by taking the time to acknowledge the positive impact they can have on the beginning of a new day, these small positives are allowed to become much bigger, in the same way that a series of small set-backs can combine to form a large dark cloud of negativity.  Remembering that the reverse is also possible is an invaluable tool that can change the shape of an entire day.

So, take the time to notice these little insignificant pluses – breathe in the new spring air, greet a stranger with a smile, notice the small things that people do for each other and absorb it all.   Spring into your September day with positivity.

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