Looking for a little urban peace? Here are a few of our favourite Melbourne city locations that are perfect for some mindful reflection. What they all have in common is a connection with nature. A number of research studies have suggested that a connection to nature brings a range of personal and social wellbeing benefits, via feelings of awe, vitality and mindfulness.


1. KereKere Green

KereKere Green is a new cafe oasis in Fitzroy Gardens. A prize spot for a cup of tea while looking out of one of its perfectly positioned windows onto the gardens. What we also like about KereKere is that they have a philosophy of giving back to a range of social, cultural, health and environmental causes. When you place an order you are given a playing card that you use to indicate which of the causes you would like their monthly $500 donation to go to. The idea stems from owner, James Murphy’s Fijian childhood, and the custom of kere kere – of giving to a neighbour in need with no expectation of repayment. Thanks to psychologist Brooke Davis for the heads up on this little gem.

2. Collingwood Children’s Farm

Collingwood children’s farm  in Abbotsford makes you feel like you have travelled miles out of town, with the river and native bush vista, and a few chooks, cows and goats for company. Have a refreshing apple granita at the farm cafe or go roam through the gardens at the neighbouring Abbotsford Convent and explore the myriad of socially conscious and artistic endeavours taking place within it’s walls.

3. Young Bloods

Young Bloods cafe, next to the Rose Street Artists Market, has bought the mountain to Mohammed and decked their light filled space with hanging plants to give it a lush feel. Topped with a rooftop deck if you want to feel the sun on your skin. On a weekend you can also explore the market next door and chat to the community of local artists. There is a fantastic terrarium maker who creates exquisite little (and large) plant worlds to take home. The best bit – they require minimal attention as they are in their own self-sustaining bubble, so your job is to simply sit and mindfully admire nature doing its amazing thing.

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